Cyclist with terrible vision

Hi all

I am a cyclist who enjoys a long ride - but I also like to see where I’m going! I use varifocals for everyday wear. I’m Uk based and looking to buy a decent pair of cycling glasses with prescription lenses.

I’ve got a lovely pair of Oakley radars but they are one lens so vari is out of the question for those.

So a few questions
What are you using ? Single / vari vision lens
Do they work well?
Polarised or not?
Are the expensive oakleys really worth it

Would love to hear your advice - particularly Uk residents


I have the same issue. Hopefully someone has some advice for us :slight_smile:


Hi @Ewan,

I was in the same position as I had to stop wearing my varifocal contact lenses and use glasses instead.

I’ve got Tifosi frames with varifocal photochromic lenses which are absolutely great. I got them from, who were really helpful.

I was very sceptical about buying varifocals online, but they’re actually better than my non-cycling glasses I bought from the opticians!!


Thanks so much for that. I’ve heard good things about rx - appreciate you replying!


I’ve been on this search since my Adidas lease with inserts eventually died a death after probably 10years of abuse and just kept getting the inserts reglazed when my prescription changed. was also the main place which I had saved having the best selection. There are cheaper ones on Amazon etc that will supply the insert for you to then take to your local optician. My local optician’s have a selection of sports glasses but the options are limited and more expensive.

Another company I have saved is I think I was looking at about £300 for some there.


This is a great thread. Thanks for posting this @Ewan.

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Which frames did you go for out of interest?

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I’ve got Tifosi Veloce. I’ve had them a couple of years so not sure if they’re still available. I thought the lenses might be on the small side to cope with varifocals. But they’re absolutely fine. I can see where I’m going and read my Garmin!!

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Really useful
Were they with inserts or direct glaze?
Trying to work out whether inserts would be comfortable / not fog

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They’re direct glazed. I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with inserts!

They do fog a bit, but only really when it’s very cold. Someone on here recommended using Muc-Off Anti Fog which definitely helps.

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I use a single vision aviator style glass from an online company called Zenni. I, don’t like the inserts that i have tried. I find that the peripheral vision is obscured. The aviator style is a large enough lense that I find it has plenty of wind protection. Zenni have decent quality for a very low price so i have multiples.

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Welcome to the group @Ewan :slight_smile:

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Great thread everyone!! Thanks for posting Ewan mate and welcome!!

Welcome Ewan. Thank you for sharing this. I am in a similar situation.

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Sorry for the late reply. Similar issue here, except that it’s depth precision for me, which is a tad an issue when doing an alpine descent.

For me the Rudy Sports “Propulse” work great for me (and the “Rydon” before that). Here in the USA, just upload the prescription and a week later you got them custom made.

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