Cycle Travel Bag

Hello … !

I bought my first cycle travel bag which is topeak pakgo x and i realize its tooo big to travel with.

So i want to sell it and get new one!


would love to hear your feedback / what’s bag are you using for travel

Thanks in advance :wink:


Shokbox - more expensive, but worth every penny.


I used to have a BikeBoxAlan, but highly recommend Shokbox now as well. Just built better.

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Ok, got the “SCICON AEROTECH EVOLUTION X TSA BIKE CASE” (but via, which is a hell lot cheaper than via Use that for international travel.

Got also a “SCICON AEROCOMFORT ROAD 3.0 TSA BIKE BAG”, which I use for domestic travel.

My concern was the airlines handling of regular baggage and my panic that I’d end up with a busted bike and no time to replace it for events. So hardshell all the way.

Having said that, the box arrived on the first Denver to Munich flight without even a scratch mark. They treated it like a raw egg almost. So I would have gotten away with the soft shell as well … but then again … being paranoid sometimes pays off.

Disadvantage with the hardshell is that it’s heavy. So you can fit the bike in there, a travel pump and the bare essential tools. And then you are at the weight limit. Packing in both cases is easy. Try it once or twice, especially the putting together afterwards. This way you’ll see what you need, and where you would have been wise to put tape markers (like saddle height).

One thing to note (and that might be USA specific). I have been told that TSA will open the bike box. Always. No exceptions. So think about when you are packing where you put in extra bubble wrap to force the TSA folks to put things back together nicely.

Scicon is 12.65kg, Shokbox is 12.5kg, BikeBoxAllen is 11.5kg.


I’ve got a SCICON AEROCOMFORT ROAD 3.0 TSA BIKE BAG but experienced some damage both to the bag and the bike (bent, albeit only slightly disc rotor), so am selling that and bought a Ventoux Buxumbox ( which is on the pricey side but is absolutely awesome. The work stand accessory is brilliantly designed. It’s a bit heavier still than the plastic boxes (15kg) but worth it imho and you can fit other stuff in. I’ve got an all in one cockpit (integrated bar and stem) which means I’d need to do a fair bit of dismantling of forks etc as can’t tilt bars down etc. I can rebuild the bike in about 2 minutes!

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Absolutely agree with this re TSA. They will open every bike box, so ensure you get that extra padding in there. Also get insurance for this or check that your insurance covers bikes (& the value of said bike if it is expensive). Airlines will give minimal out for bike damages, so ensure you have additional insurance in case bike gets banged up.

Out of curiousity. The weight limit is 23kg per piece of luggage. If your bike box weighs 15kg, you have only 8kg left for the bike. The upgrade per leg seems to cost $200 per leg, or $400 in total if you travel internationally. Or is there a trick to avoid the extra fee and/or get upgraded to the 32kg class ?

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I seem to have had a 32kg weight limit for the bike on all the UK to mainland Europe flights as standard!

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good sunny morning everyone…after weeks/months of rain/snow here in sunny socal…its bright, cold and sunny…i love it.

bike bags…

over that last several years with the training ive been graced with Coach Pav ive had the pleasure of traveling ALOT with my trusty ole Pinarello F8 … all road, all weather…25mm road tires, rim brakes, compact/32…andorra, spain, france, trans pyrenees, sicily, italian alps, dolomites, giro, la vuelta, up and down the adriatic, pulgia, (sorry no TdF), love smashing the wet early morning cobble of rome…gravel roads in costa rica…and the ultimate battle ground…my home streets of Los Angeles.

ive used several different bike bags…

hard “tricase” -
too small for my 59.5 pinarello frame had to COMPLETELY disassemble the bike…and its heavy, not acceptable. good for carrying precious treasures from cultures pillaged

scicon -
decent concept, poor unstable execution … literally… the thing would fall over with any cobble or uneven surface…it was like a untrained dog whipping around on its leash when rolling along…totally out of control and annoying … however, unlike a dog, kicking it would not get it sorted.
its too small for pillaged cultural treasures as well…thank sweet baby he-bus i borrowed and didnt purchase it, i would have been pissed

evoc - bought this in andorra (tax free) when traveling with the trico case (which was unacceptable)…love this evoc pro case!!! loads super fast (wheels off, roll off and strap in handle bars, zip up)…and i can load the thing down with stuff/kit going over to these foreign lands, cutting down on the need for more checkin luggage … i load the hell out of it with pillaged cultural items coming back…bonus.

TSA checks it every time, never had any damage to the bike (or lost broken treasures) in any of my travels…although i still employ this…

i like the evoc so much, i bought one for the wifes bike.

i also picked up this with the bike case…between the evoc bike case and the duffle (carry on) its all i need when traveling. super streamlined…easy like sunday morning, love you longtime.

this post is a self-sponsored, non-influencer, no kickback submission from an aging, greyed out, 59yr old man/boy … your mileage my very. :slight_smile:


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Again, many thanks Terry!

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