Creatine for Cyclists


Will it Make You Faster? is anyone using it?


For me it can have a place but as with all things it is a supplement and you might well be getting enough from your daily nutrition and getting that nailed is more important and beneficial than adding in supplements and risking over dosing.

So my understandings and thoughts.

  1. it will lead to more water retention therefore weight increase.
  2. the dosing is important and should be used in cycles and not all the time.
  3. Can help with muscle gains
  4. Help with recovery from intense training

So given that for me it is something for the off season training a prep when doing strength work and more so than if just on bike training.


Interesting. I always thought it was only good for gym training only.


Agree with Kev here. Can be something worth trying, but not a necessity.

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What supplements are good?

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