Clothing for colder events

Some of the TTs here in the land of the endless sunshine (in short Colorado) are during the colder season. Heck the first event of the year is called “Frost Bite Time Trial”.

What would one wear for sub 10C events ?

I have only seen the Long Jersey/Bib “Winter System” from Rule28.

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I’ve done plenty of early season TT’s in the UK where it is sub 10c. Normally it is warm-up in a heavy jacket, get a good sweat on and then ditch the jacket when you are lining up at the start. The starting officials have a giant pile of jackets to take back to the HQ, but that is par for the course in the UK. I’ve only ever had one jacket go missing and I presume that was an accident.

Once you actually start racing, it is only really hands and feet that get cold, and they are generally easy to insulate without creating too much drag

Hahahaha!! Yeah, I remember these days. I too lost a jacket once. Also hope it was just an accident.

Yeah, that was the grand plan here again. But I am a weakling. Never wearing shorts, always with a vest, unless it’s above 25C.

Having said that, there was an event last year, where it first started to drizzle a bit, followed by hail, and then a few minutes later by solid snowfall. Of course the sun was shining again back at time keeping. Perhaps not typical. but I’d love to be prepared.

Crazy weather shift!

For me it’s always been 10C is the line between shorts and tights. I have found it funny that when running I’ve not felt the need until close to 0C however in testing while the legs don’t feel they need protection it has impacted my over all feeling of cold. So my hands would really feel the cold but now I’ve started wearing running tights below 10C my hands are no longer getting cold. So you see these racers wearing a singlet and gloves because their hands are cold and I’ve now realised that its because their core is cold and the brain is in protection mode and not pumping the blood to those parts of the body it knows it can do without.

For road TT’s are there any restrictions on clothing due to aero advantages like the sock height restriction?

That’s very interesting about running, had no idea.

For road TT, it will depend on who is the governing body. Not sure as @miffedoldpizza is in Colorado, so maybe USAC? In the UK, it is almost always CTT, so pretty much anything is legal.