Carb loading day


What do you eat in carb loading day? :slight_smile:

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I don’t overly prescribe to the carb loading day because we now know that the muscles can only store a finite amount of glycogen so once you hit your limit thats it. So over eating carbs isn’t going to be useful. My view is for the week before a main event I would aim to keep everything topped off carbs, electrolytes and hydration. Depending on the event I might look to reduce the fibre in my diet over the week as well.

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Rice. Get Indian or Libanese cuisine along with it. Work for me better than pasta.

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Agree with @kevstorr on this. Not necessarily useful to carb load unless you spend considerable time emptying your stores - even then, it is debatable how much glucose can be transported in the blood - so over eating a carb heavy meal might not bring the desired benefit anyway.

That said, agree with @miffedoldpizza on rice!

I am old school and will eat pasta the night before a big event or even long old ride.

you mean like lentils?

Would avoid lentils - lentils are hi in fiber. Pick Hi GI, low fiber foods. Think white bread/rice/pasta, fruit/fruit juice/smoothies/sports drinks. Easy to digest, etc.


Agree with Ryno here :slight_smile:

Each to their own on food intake. Agree lentils aren’t my go to, but could work for someone else. Depends on timing.