Breakfast Of Champions (Brekkie Pix)

I think breakfast is one of my favorite meals … if done properly …

one cup of organic steel cut oats, two cups water…bring to a low boil for 5 -10 mins … turn off heat, cover and let sit overnight…

if i dont eat some the next day, i put the whole pot into fridge and it stays there ready to reheat…if space is tight in frodge, ill transfer oats to a plastic container and store in fridge…but lately ive gotten lazy and just put the whole thing in the fridge…hell…sometimes i just leave the whole mess on the stovetop (unheated) and work it that way…but rarely more than 3days on stove top, unrefridigated

when im ready to eat i remove about half of the oats (1/2 cup) from the pot, reheat removed portion and serve with banana and raisins … top the mess with organic syrup…sprinkle with nutmeg … dash of fleur de sel!!! good!

what is your breakfast of champions?


From a macros perspective this is pretty much all carbs!!! Looks lovely but I would only want to eat that if going out for a long ride.

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So, mine is a variation of a @pav recipe I think:
1 banana
Handful of frozen berries
Handful of kale, Cavelo Nero or other dark leafy greens
Almond milk
Chii seeds
2 scoops protein powder
Spoon nut butter
Half cup oat bran

Put all in blender. Drink smoothie. If I’m on a low volume (short z2) or high intensity I’ll leave out the oats and probably just drink half (this makes about 1 litre) as I won’t need the carbs


oh lordy @abd !!! i dont eat the whole thing in a sitting!!! … nor do i do long rides (+3hrs, and miles)…coach doesnt program those in unless i request it…ill eat half of what is shown…which is about 1/2cup of steel cut oats…plus the extra goodies…and not every day!!! 1/2cup of oats 2-3 times a week depending on the work load… Once I did eat a 1 cup of steel cut oats for a all day ride and my stomach was a mess the whole day, I was miserable. So it’s a quarter or half cup at the most at a sitting

I’m 6’5"…210lbs…(“race weight” is ~195-200lbs)… And I only spend a few months at that weight… As the wife says I look too skinny, my face gets really drawn and hollow…queen dont like hollow …what my queen wants my queen gets :+1:t2::laughing::heart:

I have found I need a lot more carbs than most of the people I ride with… it takes a lot of energy to move this big body forward, so i need more carbs… what may look like alot to somebody smaller and lighter than me, works for me … its all relative.

i’m not in a cutting / trimming phase at this moment, i’m still building ( Well that’s the excuse i’m using)…i’m not too concerned about overcarbing and adding weight…yet!!

cutting will come shortly as we’re coming out of cold, wet, no sun winter here is socal, (my carb cravings should be tapering with longer days and more sun) and I’ll be back on a pretty strict salmon and sweet potato diet with the odd bowl oatmeal shown

… at the moment my way of eating is pretty messed up… lots of room for improvement…so there is that :+1:t2::muscle:t2:


Ahh @terry !!!
Makes sense. I’m 5’9” and 70kg currently, so that looked enormous to me :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Still it’s all carbs, so might be worth thinking about getting some good fats and protein in. Eg, adding some nut butter and chii seeds. Just a thought.
Ps, now got pictures of Desperate Dan in my head, eating his Cow Pie!! You might not be old enough to know what on earth I’m talking about!!!


the daily driver brekkie…

i love eggs

4 x eggs -
28g protein

2 x Ezekiel (flowerless) bread slices -
10g protein

jam/fig spread … sometimes ill top the Ezekiel bread with almond butter, or a good olive oil…depending on what my palate is desiring at that moment

i eat quite a bit of tuna and salmon as well…but not for breakkie!..well…i do on occasion mix in leftover salmon from a previous nights dinner into my eggs :+1:t2:

Dinner of Champions Pix … thats another topic/thread :+1:t2:


Nice!! I actually do something similar to @abd - I think I got it from @pav too :rofl:

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Some really useful info here - thank you.

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That‘s my take on it. Big bowl of muesli (pimped with chia seeds and amaranth) with a pear and oat milk. 2 slices of dark crisp bread with honey and banana.
The fiber in crisp bread might be not ideal for competition but for training it‘s great. Slows down the insuline peak a bit. (my stomach doesn‘t like slow carb products)
Coffee of course, always two of them. You need to put in both batteries to make it work.


This looks great - love the coffee/battery metaphor!

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This looks really tasty :heart_eyes: