Breakfast before ride

If you have ride in the morning how do you fuel? breakfast before ride and 1st hour no fuel ?

i’d like to know how everyone do it :slight_smile:

I have the same breakfast every day when I have any training. 75g of chocolate muesli, 20g of chia seeds, soya milk, 1 magnesium tablet + 1 cup of coffee. On any training over an hour I will start fuelling from the beginning. On rides >2 hours, 90 - 120g carbs / hour depending on how hard I plan to ride.

For a longer ride 50-60miles breakfast is often porridge/oatmeal based. With some berries, chia seeds, maple syrup for example. Or pancakes with berries.

Then always start eating on the bike from 30mins in. As soon as you’re behind you’re not going to get back. Depending on your intensity you don’t want to try and stay ahead of depleting your bodies reserves as long as possible.

That said I also do 2-3 hrs with nothing since dinner the night before. Or longer but isn’t what I’d suggest lol

For short sub hour rides you’ve enough glycogen in your muscles for an hour - hour and half. I’d still suggest some lighter like a banana.

I’ve a rule never diet on the bike and always fuel your workouts.

Thanks! wondering guys why are using chia for breakfast?

Chia seeds are a great energy source while lower carb you get slow release so don’t get the spikes like simple carbs. Good balance of protein, fat and fibre. The soak up water so can help keep you hydrated as they only release the water as they get digested. Whether the magnesium helps with any tiredness you might have in the morning I’m not sure but it has been said to.

Used in a running food of the Mayan cultures.

All that said I just like them. I have some daily sprinkled over my greek yogurt and berries for example as well as in my porridge. As they also contain calcium, iron, zinc so are a good source of these.

Kevin gives a really good summary of the general benefits of chia seeds and magnesium.
I started adding chia seeds to my breakfast to help increase by daily protein intake. I found I was struggling to get to 15% protein even on recovery days.
Magnesium is an electrolyte associated which helps with muscle relaxation. I take it to manage cramps which I suffer from chronically.

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Here is a link that @pav sent me a couple of years ago for a Chia drink - Chia Fresca

I’ve used that! I’m sure that was from that Born to Run book?

Yes it is one of the things mentioned in Born To Run

That is a great book.

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Yeah, that is where I got it from too :slight_smile:

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