Bike lights for ultra

I am getting into riding in the dark for the first time ever. My lighting is totally inadequate. It isn’t bright enough and the batteries don’t last anywhere near long enough. I am looking for recommendations on best lighting options for riding all night. And also, how do you keep them charged for several hours of darkness?


Great question!! I know that @Guystapleford and @DrewyWhite have experimented with this - Matt Seward is another one, but not on the forum (yet!).

I think I remember that you live in Germany, too. It’s a difficult situation here because of the laws that are very specific about lights. The big “money no object” names are Lupine and Supernova. Both have been around for a long time. From my experiance with Lupine I can say they are very helpful when something is broken and they offer upgrade paths for older lights.


Check out exposure lights mate. Or hope. If you run a dynamo hub have a look at K-lights.
I use two lights, a dynamo front which is an exposure revo, and an exposure joystick on my helmet. Works well for a blind dude.


@chris.rides.mtb and @stevebatembe for the recommendations. I have had a chat with a couple of companies. I think I will ask Santa for something from Exposure. Awesome service in really understanding what I am looking for and recommending a set of products and accessories to meet my need.

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