Bike Hire Near Milton Keynes


I want to hire bike near Milton keynes! 1 hour drive no problem! i can’t find any option! i found only 1 shop in London and other shop in Surrey (does not open everyday)

MK is a big place and with a one hour radius, I am very surprised you can’t find anything. Presumably you are just doing a Google search ?

Yes Just google search

Bike hire near Milton Keynes

First hit was this

I know this shop , they don’t rent bikes , i was in UK 2021 it was nightmare to find 1 road bike to rent can you imagine ?

Did you try Rutland Cycling? I think it gave a link when you asked earlier in the year. They do advertise bike hire from some locations. Rutland Cycling | Bike Hire & E-Bike Hire at Rutland Cycling - 8 East Midlands Locations

I’m afraid they don’t have road bike

That’s a shame. The only other place I came across is OTEC Bikes - Chiltern Hills Bike Hire. They do road and premium road bikes. They look like they’re about a 45 minute drive from MK so might be worth a call.

Thank you @SarahL

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Seems crazy that there isn’t bike hire! Maybe steal a Boris bike :wink: that’s a joke btw