Bike computer recommendations

I currently run a Garmin 520 plus. It is fine but the battery life isn’t what it was. What would you recommend as a replacement and why? Budget isn’t my primary concern.

Whoo Elemnt. Love mine. If you want good GPS get the Roam, but it doesn’t offer much more than that. Not used the smaller Bolt, but can’t speak highly enough for Elemnt and Wahoo customer service.


Garmin 1040 solar, as the battery life is immense


I have the 520 and replaced the battery and charging port for about £100.00. Works good as new.

Mike, where did you get the battery replaced?

I’ve replaced batteries in Garmin’s before some are easier than others. Not done a 520 but it having looked it isn’t the easiest depending on your skill level as there are two wires to solder and your have to go in by removing the screen.

There are companies which will do it. You might even be able to see if your local phone repair shop would do it.

As for a recommendation last time I went through everything and went with the Garmin 530 as for me it had better navigation and route options than Wahoo, Hammerhead and others. For me I like having the actual maps and also been able to route from the head unit no phone required. Navigation back to start but for example as a route not just follow back.

Second for Wahoo products. All for the Elemnt.

The repair place is -

It was £78 in total for battery, charging port, priority work and shipping

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Good call on that @Guy - thanks :slight_smile:

My money is on Wahoo though!

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I got a garmin 1040 - not solar - I charge it like once a month - 12 hour ride with power and hrm connected following a route will drain about 17% of battery

Plus it has a nice big screen for short sighted peeps like me

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