Bicarb System / Maurten


I’m wondering if anyone used Bicarb?

Not me. Interested in if others do.

Are you thinking about AMP Human’s PR lotion or just taking bicarb powder? For me no not thought about it.

I used AMP Human PR Lotion didn’t feel anything tbh, this product is for Fueling

My understanding is that it is something more beneficial to high intensity efforts rather than in races. So it enables to to push the upper limits for longer in you interval training.

I could see how in shorter TT’s it might help. For longer more endurance events in my mind from the little I have read and researched on it I don’t see it helping and hence me not reading more about it. As I understand it helps shuttle or increase the muscles tolerance to the build up of lactic through intense sessions.

hi Kev, this article seems to suggest there is new research supporting use by endurance athletes.

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This is something that has been around for years. I remember talking to one of the top level testers in the UK and he was using it for a while. So we are going back at least 10 years I think.

He said it helped him, but the margin between getting it right and shitting yourself is very fine.

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cheers interesting I will look at that.

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@Billyboy 100% correct - I used to use it, but don’t do as much racing. Only really used it for 10’s. Not sure it’s worth it much for anything longer. Had a few near brown pants moments…

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Yeah - I also remember a veteran tester, Kevin Tye, who had a close call with a corner and too much bicarb!! :poop:

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I have a feeling it was Kevin who told me that story too!