Best bike night ever

I took the family to the UCI Track Champions League in Berlin tonight. What an amazing evening of cycling. My boys were nuts for it for the full 3 1/2 hours and even the wife had a great time. The boys were both asking me how old they need to be to start riding on the track and where our nearest track is. If you watch it back, they are the two boys in yellow.

Harrie Levreysen and Katie Archibald are just so so good. Amazing.

I can only recommend it.


Fantastic, It is on my list to take the family to Derby Velodrome to watch some of the track racing as it isn’t far from home.

I’ve never raced on the track but spent many years photographing races in the UK. Even had the pleasure of interviewing Hugh Porter for an article I was working on about track cycling back in the 90’s.


Awesome!! Glad you and the family had fun :slight_smile:

That is great! Wish my family were into it like I am

First time in a velodrome for all of us. Surprisingly even my wife loved it.

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I’ve never been, but always wanted to. Might see what is available.