Any interesting (or weird!) Christmas gifts?

After some questionable cycling gifts from loved ones, I now always ask for gift cards.

Did anyone receive something from a loved one that made you lol a bit?

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No, I get asked and usually get given money. I often say I’ll be needing new running or bike shoes and kit.

I’ve had nothing of my partner and I believe she is thinking and planning on getting me an ice bath.

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I got a huub aero base layer from a well meaning relative. They come in two sizes: small; large. The large is so small that I nearly strangled myself trying to put it on. Apparently not for anyone bigger than a professional.

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My gf knows not to buy me anything cycling related. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything bad from anyone, though.

2 pairs of new MAAP bibs (from myself). They are horrible expensive but they come with the chamois that my backside likes.

That’s a good gift to yourself. Do they last well?

I have one pair where they come apart where the strap is sewn to the bib (more a cosmetic failure), apart from that they last pretty well. Even the one I crashed in is still good.