A challenge for 2024?

I found this whilst browsing:

Does anyone fancy joining me in attacking a century a month for 2024?


@Kicikacsa if I was fit I’d definitely do it.

2019 I did 12 imperial centuries which included doing 4 in May. At the moment I’d just be happy getting back to being able to ride the club 50mile each weekend and that is my target at the moment.


@kevstorr how is your recovery going? Are you having regular treatment or just waiting for it to settle?

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This is awesome! I’d never heard of this challenge before. I’m in!

I’m actually tentatively in for this…

Regularly seeing osteopath and physio. I’m back at the physio tomorrow to review things perhaps change up the exercises.

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Good luck with that. I hope you can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

@pav this would be good idea for your new club?

Ooooh! This sounds fun…

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Haha!! Yeah, @Kicikacsa and I are on the same page as you too :slight_smile: