210mi upstate ny ride 9/11-9/14

hi everyone sorry for the late notice

I’m in Brooklyn from LA hanging out with family / daughter

I was chatting with Coach Pav today… showed him my Strava route to Saratoga Springs from Brooklyn he said post up on the forum for help or advice, so here I am!

in a few days time I’m getting on my bike and riding from Brooklyn to a farm just outside of Saratoga Springs


i plan on leaving the house boat in Brooklyn on the 12th and roll into Long Lesson on 14th or the 15th

the music festival is on the 15th so I probably want to roll in on the 14th

my wife will be coming in from the north, New Hampshire after visiting her sister … my daughter and four of her friends are taking the train up

we are all commuting 30 minutes from the farm into Saratoga Springs for the music festival

everyones staying on a family friend’s farm, the Long Lesson Farm and commute to the Outlaw Music festival in Saratoga Springs

there are a few moving parts to this gathering, however my primary concern is getting up there on the bike, safe and on time … and never having ridden a bike on the East Coast, let alone upstate New York im curious what im in for

i have lots of seat time in Italy Spain France etc but never on the East Coast!

here is my proposed route, generated from Strava, please let me know if you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, ect about it … I have no idea what it is like riding a bike here

Check out this route on Strava:

LONG LESSON 1 | 204.7 mi Cycling Route on Strava — LONG LESSON 1

any feedback would be greatly appreciated

the bike made it safely that’s all that matters!


also feel free to text me or call me as I’m in a bit of a time crunch in the planning

terry - 323.649.0862


@WattsUp can you help please mate?

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thanks coach!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Hello Terry - I do not think I can be of much help. I am originally from the Boston area did a fair amount of riding in Central Pennsylvania and, while living in Albany, did a bit of riding there as well. You already know this, but it will be a pretty ride. You should have reasonable cell service and will meet a lot of friendly folks. You need to plan, but you should never be too far away from someplace where you can refill your water bottles. I would plan an early start out of the city. I think two days is very reasonable, provided the weather is reasonable. I wish that I could provide more detail, but wanted to let you know that this should be a great ride.

Sounds like a fun adventure!

Welcome buddy! Have a great ride :slight_smile: