12 hour time trial

Looking for advice on getting ready for a 12-hour time trial. I am riding a Cervelo P5 and have been getting some structure done. It’ll be my first 12 hour - what should I expect?

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It’s very mentally challenging and very easy to go too hard at the start. Try to create a pacing plan before and then aim to follow that, regardless of how good you feel at the start! Also remember to eat a lot, you will need to adapt your gut too, so ensure you are doing that in training as well.

Good luck!!

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Figure out a plan of how to cope when things get tough. I have had to build my tool kit for this, but things like meditation skills, photo of family (purpose) on my bars, dedicating the next X minutes to someone or something important. There is lots of material out there - the brave athlete is a great book and I am currently enjoying Carrie Jackson.


Sorry for the delayed response! I appreciate you adding this, great advice. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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