Zwift metrics — cadence and watts by lap

Does anyone know how to display a) watts per lap or b) cadence per lap while riding in Zwift?

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Hi Cog, I’m not aware of any ability to bespoke your on screen metrics in Zwift, however would it work for you to link your smart trainer or power meter to your normal head unit (Garmin, Wahoo etc) and customise a display screen on that for your indoor usage as you’d definitely be able to set that to show one or both of those metrics. You can normally connect the transmitting device to more than one receiver at a time.


Agreed with what @abd says here.

Thanks for the advice… confirming… I’d need to start the workout on Zwift and on the Wahoo head unit at the same time?

There might be a way to display the watts if I remember correctly but it requires manual editing of files and is not a real solution. I have the same requirement and I have recently opened a feature request on the Zwift forum. I’ll be happy if you could back this, maybe we can get them to implement it. Virtual bike computer / current lap watts - Feature Requests - Zwift Forums

I voted for it just now. Think it’s a great idea.

Yup - and why can zwift only display rounded up or down to five watts - find it very odd! To us normal humans every way counts

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THAT’S why I sometimes have to click several times to adjust the power up and down until it changes. Thanks for the explanation.