Winter riding, how to keep your feet warm?

So I got the rest of my kit sorted out for 20F/-8C, except for my feet.

Any good suggestions how to keep those warm ? One issue I am running into is that overshoes tend to be more and more bluky and rub against the cranks … However the one I got are decently old, before the arrival of the newer magic materials.

Ah, the why… Don’t want to spend 4+ hours or more staring at ZWIFT for those winter base miles.

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I’ve usually not had to venture out in that cold a temp. I’ve been looking for some new overshoes as well and not sure of the options. Cold and wet is the biggest problem in the UK. I have gone with waterproof socks before from sealskin as I’ve found these can help keep the feet warmer but also her stop the rain soaked roads making my feet wet. However they add bulk and my current shoes a little small for them.

One option I was thinking about was winter boots from Lake.

Another tip is to put electrical tape around the crank arms to stop the rub from overshoes. Or use the clear frame protection tape.


Ok, I am in Colorado, US. Wet is not a problem, other than the little spray from a damp road surface (where snow/ice is melting in shady areas).

Got some “Mavic Cosmic Elite Vision Reflective Road Shoes”, which are really “do not kill your lightweight climbing shoes in the wet”, but in reality because they are missing any kind of ventilation, hence the perfect winter shoe.

Taping the crank, I had not thought about that. Some simple painters tape might do the trick.

Overshoes. That’s kind of what I am mostly after. So here the quick rant. Most companies do not say anymore “hey, this product is meant for -8C to +10C, while that one over there is meant for 0C to 15C”. You are always left guessing. Online reviews of products are more than just a hit and miss. One of my favourites there is a review of some thermo bibs, where the author says they work really well for the ultra cold days, but because temperatures were up in the 15C range he could not test that …

Currently I am looking at the ones from LeCol (their discounts and free international shipping makes their pricing rather competitive here in the US).

The other ones are the Gorewear “Shield Thermo Overshoes” and “Sleet Insulate Overshoes”. But again, there I am left wondering, which one of the two is the one I want ?

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My $0.02c
New York/Colorado based cyclist with mild Reynaud’s syndrome.

In my opinion, I am not a fan of overshoes - they are a compromise too far and though I have tried several very good (on paper) and well made brands, ultimately nothing comes close to a pair of purpose built and designed winter cycling shoes. 45Nrth, Macic, Fizik all make good shoes that have kept my feet warm riding on packed snow at 9,000 feet at 10f and below in Colorado. Yes, more expensive but for me not having to worry about feet getting cold has been a game changer in keeping mood, focus, performance and enjoyment levels higher.

Perhaps a mid-point is a combo of decent shoes with vents taped over, heated insoles, wool socks and overshoes, but that ‘system’ is a bit bulkier and less simple. In the past I have used toe-warmer packs that stick to the outside of your socks but they have a tendency to move and take up room in the shoe.

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Good thought about the shoes. Appreciate that coming from somebody who seemed to have been throu that before. “system” … you are not an engineer by chance :wink:

I’ll give the “Mavic Ksyrium Pro Thermo Shoes” a try. If they don’t work, I can always return them.

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I realise I’m sending this message with frost bitten toes after a cycling expedition in the snow, so take this advice as you will. :joy:

Regarding shoes I really rate 45nrth and lake for winter shoes as already mentioned above. Regarding overshoes, the only ones I have really been impressed with are a Yorkshire based company called Spatzwear. Terrible name but well thought out products developed by ex pro rider Tom Baris and tri athlete Al Brownley (if you’ve heard of him).
They have designed these long overshoes for wet conditions and work fantastic although not cheap, but they do last. They don’t keep your feet dry, but I’ve never had cold feet while wearing them. All of their winter kit is impressive, check out the base layer as well, it’s like wearing an oven!

Hope that helps



Steve - massive kudos on your recent adventures. Thanks for the brand tip on Spatzwear - Yorkshire is a good place to test this stuff and Alistair would not stand by crap kit for sure !

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Cheers mate, you’re welcome.

A second vote for the Spatz overshoes - they’re not like anything you’ve seen before as they come up to the top of your calf. Great in the wet. Just be very, very careful with the material. They’re made from neoprene and not very tough, so can split really, really easily.

I got fed up with cold feet riding in North Yorkshire last winter, so bought a pair of Fizik Artica Winter shoes which are more of a boot, have a waterproof zip, and a space blanket like liner to keep the heat in. They’re working a treat.

Then there’s always Rules 5 & 9!

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One more curious question there. What socks ?

I have some waterproof socks - can’t recall socks - will dig them outta the sock draw soon and get back to you !

using winter cycling shoes, one pair thick merino sock + toe warming pads if the temp is around 2 - -8C Europe

Keeps my feed warm for at least 5 hrs, so it’s great for longer rides. In this temp range.

In case the ride is shorter I will skip the warming pads. The boots alone with merino socks can keep my feet warm for roughly 2 hr

oh and I use a neoprene gaiter to seal the shoes to keep the warms in otherwise it gets to cold when below 0C

Sounds a lot but my feet gets to cold easily

I have both Dexshell and Sealskin socks. Only issue is I find you have to size up your shoes to fit them. So at say £20-40 for a pair plus needing bigger shoes for mountain biking shoes I just got winter boots in the end.