Why raising money for charity can be disastrous for cycling performance

This blog dropped Sept 15th: https://coachpav.com/cycling-technique-tactics/why-raising-money-for-charity-can-be-disastrous-for-cycling-performance/

This was driven home for me when I attempted to break the FKT for Route 66. Having spent months (years!) fundraising, training, and organising, I couldn’t detach from - what I perceived as - a small amount being donated by sponsors.

In reality, I raised over $10,000, but the emotional attachment was crippling. I learnt a lot and I share this in the blog post.

Let me know what you think, whether you have similar issues or stories, and if you have any questions. Perhaps you might find a buddy in this community to help share some of the fundraising load!!


Thank you for sharing this, @pav! Great advice for if I want to do some fundraising in the future :slight_smile:


I, too, have felt like I wanted an event to end before it even started. Mainly this came down to having to organise everything myself, but the fundraising is a big part of that.

Thanks, Pav, for sharing your insight here. I’m going to ask on of my club mates whether he would like to pair up with me on this.