Which Massage gun?


anyone uses a massage gun? are they worth the money and what to look for?

thank you


Hey Patrick

100% worth the money. I’m not sure on the main differences, but noise can be a factor. I think the more expensive and newer models are very quiet, but I have an old TimTam which is really noisy!


I use the Theragun Elite. I think they just released a newer version that is a little quieter and is a little more user friendly. I’ve found that you do kind of get what you pay for with those as some of the knockoff/cheaper versions I’ve tried are not nearly as effective. I also really like the Therabody app that has different programs for whatever area you’re trying to work on and adjusts the frequency and sets the time to work on each muscle group.


I got my Blackroll gun yesterday. (Black Friday sale) It feels really good but I have no long term experience obviously.

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Second for Theragun! Really impressive and, perhaps surprisingly, you do get a lot more for your money.

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Theragun looks massive so does the Vitagun I am having an eye on … just did spot a cheap Chinese massage gun (Black Friday sale) for 34,-$ … buy cheap, buy twice, hm

do you use this 2 finger attachment? or mainly the big ball?
Xiaomi price is somewhere in between, but has only 3 attachments

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My gun only has one attachment, I’m not sure what the benefits are of the others?