What Is The Fastest Tire Pressure For Road Bikes?


I saw interesting video today about tire pressure and its take me to SRAM tire guide

i put my information and its says 71 psi front and 75 psi rear! now i’m doing 100psi front and back! i will try to do SRAM suggestion for next ride!

anyone like to share their story?

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Also interested in this. I feel like there is a minefield of information out there.

I would add as I’m sure everyone on hear will know, this only really works if you run tubeless tyres. Of course you can run tubes, however I think the rolling resistance is much higher, making the lower pressure almost pointless.

Just an opinion, I’m no expert!

I run 38mm (700’s) @ 65-70 psi Teravail Ramparts tubeless tyres (all road tyre) on my road bike. Saying that, it’s not a bike a race on, just a training bike (I race on a tandem). But I’m a firm believer in riding in comfort, which a 38 gives in spates. But not all road bikes will take such a high volume tyre.

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@stevebatembe I run my 42’s at 50psi. I run 23 / 25 on my road bike. a couple of years ago I ran them at 110 psi. based on the Zipp advice I have dropped to 90 psi. I had punctures yesterday and rode home with 30 psi in the front and 40 in the back. it was absolutely fine except cornering. I will keep reducing a step at a time.

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over the last few years ive fallen in love with Josh at Silca…hes the man and my goto fella for all things cycling…here is his take on tire pressure calc…

this post is a self-sponsored, non-influencer, no kickback submission from an aging, greyed out, 59yr old man/boy … your mileage my very. :slight_smile:


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All right. I have resisted too long to add a few notes. I grew up when 19mm was the yard stick, 130 psi all the way. Ok, 40 years ago I suppose. Times change, I ride 25mm wide tubeless now. Anything below 80 psi feels to me like running a flat. So 85/90 or 90/95. Yes, there is probably some rolling resistance, but I like to feel the road, I like to feel when the back slides just a tiny bit in a turn, or goes over a rough spot.

And yes, I still got an old wheelset around with proper tubes, 21mm tires and a label that says “do not inflate above 140 psi”. Feels soooo good to take that out every now and then :wink:

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