What Is The Fastest Tire Pressure For Road Bikes?


I saw interesting video today about tire pressure and its take me to SRAM tire guide

i put my information and its says 71 psi front and 75 psi rear! now i’m doing 100psi front and back! i will try to do SRAM suggestion for next ride!

anyone like to share their story?

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Also interested in this. I feel like there is a minefield of information out there.

I would add as I’m sure everyone on hear will know, this only really works if you run tubeless tyres. Of course you can run tubes, however I think the rolling resistance is much higher, making the lower pressure almost pointless.

Just an opinion, I’m no expert!

I run 38mm (700’s) @ 65-70 psi Teravail Ramparts tubeless tyres (all road tyre) on my road bike. Saying that, it’s not a bike a race on, just a training bike (I race on a tandem). But I’m a firm believer in riding in comfort, which a 38 gives in spates. But not all road bikes will take such a high volume tyre.

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@stevebatembe I run my 42’s at 50psi. I run 23 / 25 on my road bike. a couple of years ago I ran them at 110 psi. based on the Zipp advice I have dropped to 90 psi. I had punctures yesterday and rode home with 30 psi in the front and 40 in the back. it was absolutely fine except cornering. I will keep reducing a step at a time.

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