Using cold therapy to improve cycling performance

Posted to my website November 10:

This blog looks at some of the popular methods of utilising cold water therapy to improve your cycling performance.

Let me know in the replies if you have ever tried cold water therapy and how it helped?

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Haha!! Yes, I’ve tried this. I actually stopped because my shower head is too low. I’m crouching down and almost always tweak my back when I tense when it goes cold. Advice welcome?!

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Hard to help with this! Ideally you can try to relax in the shower, but that is hard crouched down and with cold water. Presuming you can’t renovate your shower :wink: maybe you can try warmer water or even building a plunge pool out of a barrel or similar (check out Sean Conway’s!!)?

Big fan of Ice Man Wim Hof!!


Very interesting man and gets some awesome results with his method :slight_smile:

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