Turmeric Elixir - Golden Milk - Health Boosting

So does anyone take daily anything they consider health boosting?

I often will have what I’ve seen referred to as Turmeric Elixir
Turmeric root, Ginger root, Lemon juice, Black Pepper, honey and water. Full of antioxidants a pick me up and boost to your immunity.

Another is golden milk which is basically the same but made with milk.

I can’t remember when but it was a pharmacist friend who first suggested I take golden milk when I had a cold. You can also make it with a dairy free milk of your choice.

These days I have a variation a pint of water with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, pepper and ginger as a morning drink as soon as I get up.


That sounds good. I haven’t for a while, but used to do this. I’m more of a fan of this naturopathy than synthetic meds; typically not being bioavailable.


Yes I’m keen to live a lifestyle which promotes my health and wellness. I’m planning to start getting back to producing my own fruit and veg again now our daughter is older I’m hoping to include her and the other half in it. The straw which broke the camels back last time with my ex was it was just me who ended up all weekend looking after and maintaining the everything. However I did have 3 poultry houses and groups including a duck pond as well as the fruit and veg.


That sounds a lot.

Love the suggestion for morning drink. Thank you.


coffee…lots of it!!! :crazy_face::smile:


Hi Kevin, do you have a measured recipe for that morning drink?


these days I play it by eye.

I would say
1/2 lemon squeezed
1/4 -1/2 tsp of turmeric and ginger if using powder or I would say I grate about a heaped tbsp of each as I use the root normally not powder.
Pepper I just grind some in again probably about 1/2 tsp
The apple cider vinegar 1-2 tbsp


Homebrew kombucha and sauerkraut/kimchi :slight_smile:


Nice! Feeling like @kevstorr should get some sort of reward for most excellent contributions with the nutrition this week :slight_smile:


Second for this actually pav

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Drink kombucha, but never made it. Got a recipe / process @pav ?


@pav do you make your own kimchi too?


Yeah Kimchi and Sauerkraut. I’ve tried fermenting quite a lot, but it is a long process, and my most success has been with Kimchi, Sauerkraut, and Kombucha.

Here are a couple of resources I used when starting out: Kimchi: A Beginner's Guide | Feasting At Home

Facebook has some great groups for fermenting too.


Thanks @pav will check this out too


I also enjoy turmeric golden vegan milk - especially winter-time. I have my own turmeric blend with turmeric, cinnamon, ashwaganda, piperin etc. I add it to oatmilk, cook it up and add for example coconut oil.

Right now I drink the green giant and I eat/drink nutty pudding. Both recipes from bryan johnson.
I feel like its a way better start then coffee - i have my coffee around 60 minutes later. Alot of water in the morning as well, which hydrates.



That sounds good! Will be giving that a go. Not that I will replace my coffee :wink:

Thanks for sharing @Fabs :slight_smile:

@Fabs are you doing Bryan’s I think 60 tablets each morning? I do feel like why not just eat good food to get everything you need.

The super veggie is very close to one or two of my weekly bases for meals. I usually then add mackerel, sardines or salmon. Not tried his nutty pudding as yet but thats on my list.

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I see it exactly the same, I don’t want to take 60 pills as well.
Right now I try to take a bit of his concept and like it so far.
1.) Green Giant
2.) Nutty pudding on usual days and otherwise another breakfast, sometimes quick cereals
I also like the toes brushing concept. 1.) floss 2.) brushing 3.) tongue scraper 4.) tea tree oil gargle. It also has super nice impact on my mouth health.

Sounds a bit crazy, but thats what I try to implement so far. All my other meals are flexible, I wouldn’t like to go that crazy as he does.
But just those implementations I took over changed a lot and it seems really to make a difference. E.g. after the nutty pudding I feel super long “replete” and it adds some vegan protein too.


What is this please? Where can I find more info? Sounds interesting!