TT Skinsuit Advise

Ok, need some advise here.

First off, looks like there are 2 popular candidates:

Ok. So a few questions. What kind of back pocket would I want ? This is for the USA … And yeah, are there any US brands that would be interesting to look into ?

I do not have the patience to way for 3 months for a custom cut one, not yet.

Are there any pros and const to either of those (other than the boring color) ?

Would aero gloves be of any measurable advantage other than intimidation of the competition ?

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I am for Nopinz or BioRacer. Gloves, speed socks, overshoes, and so on. Looks like we gave up on those calf things :joy:

I will add a second for Nopinz

Slightly off topic and talking BioRacer:
Are the Bioracer aero socks you can buy the wrong way round? On the product page they are the only ones I am aware of that have the strips around the calf.

If you look at what Ineos is using in races, the strips are going along the calf like any other aero sock.