TT Read Disc Rim Brake Wheel Recommendation

Tricky one. I got a rim brake bike, the widest rim on the brake track that will fit is 27mm. Perhaps 28mm if I grind down the brake pads some more. Ideally something that does tubeless.

I do not like the idea of a spoked wheel with a fairing over it (i.e. FLO Cycling). I do not like the idea of a aluminium brake track at all (i.e. HED). Of course I am cheap^h^h^h^h^h^h frugal, so the DT Swiss $4500 disc wheel is a no go.

There is a bunch of chinese wheels, like “Light Bicycle UFO-C21” or “Yoeleo D5”. But from a few online reviews I am concerned about the wheel truth, and the small clearance to the brake pads.

Then there are the oddballs, or small shops:

So overall I am kind of lost what to pick, what questions to ask, what to go for.

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I run a RON Aeron X disc from Poland (AERON X) . I run a front wheel that I built myself but Ron do wheelsets at a sensible price. I am very happy with Ron build quality. The ride is extremely quiet too - basically like spoked wheel. The front rim is a 77mm from Venn. The quality is aslo excellent and they do reasonably priced wheelsets Bicycle Wheel & Rim Maker | Carbon Wheels | Carbon Rims.

Based on my experience I highly recommend going with the fattest tyres that fit the wheelset and the frame. It is much easier to get an aero / aggressive position to be comfortable is you aren’t being shaken to bits.

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I used to love my Zipp Super-9, not cheap now though (not that it was much cheaper back in the day): Zipp Super-9 Carbon Tubeless Centerlock 700c Rear Disc Wheel - Weight, Specs, Price | The Pro's Closet

Than about the Aeron X. About the right geometry. And yes, Tubeless and 25mm to dampen the road surface imperfection.

Funny thing is that I did experiment with that this week. Going from the normal 90/95 I had used before (and 85/95) down to 75/80. Made a huge difference.