This or that 2023


I want to buy new bike! and i’m between Aeroad CFR EPS and Ultimate CFR Di2!

I live in flat country! but i personally love to climbs !!

i don’t travel often with bike!

i really can’t decide which one i have to buy!


Do you have links and pics you could post too please?


I would go with the Aeroad - both personally and if I was in your situation. I think that it has to be mountainous to really get the benefit of a lightweight bike over an aero one.

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Aerodynamics is much more important than weight, even on climbs. GCN Tech did a good video on that a few months ago. That said, I would most likely choose the Ultimate for comfort. The Aeroad has a very deep seatpost that will not flex a lot. Valid for all bikes: The biggest contribution to aerodynamic drag is the rider. If you get a bike that really fits you, you will be able to hold an aerodynamic position for longer which has a much bigger effect than the bike.

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what is the intended use? what type of terrain/surface will you be riding?

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100% agree with this :slight_smile:

100% the Aeroad for me, but agree with @terry on needing to know what your intended use is before being able to advise you :slight_smile: