Sweat testing / Saltyness

All right. I sweat like a pig (indoors even worse, think about puddles forming). Salty like there is no tomorrow (my dog likes that part though). And of course I fundamentally do not drink enough on longer rides (why take water with you on a climb, where you could have saved the extra 250g of weight). I had a few encounters with starting cramps and getting close to bonking, but usually I can recover (coffein being my secret weapon there). Except once, and that was where for me it mattered.

So dialing in hydration. “Precision Hydration” seem to have a test system. Not sure about the pricing, but it looks like you have to book an appointment … logistics … talking to people … actually going outside … all complicated.

Then there seems to be the Gatorade Patch, which of course comes only with an iOS application, so a no-go for an Android based life form.

Lastly there is hDrop, who proudly state that their devices are Cortex-M0 based (which of course peaks my interest as technical geek, DA14532 in case anybody really wanted to know). iOS and Android apps … USA Cycling discount … But I have no clue if this one is just a fancy paper weight or useful …

At the end of the day, I am looking for advise and perhaps reports from the field, what others had been trying out, whether it helped, and what the next steps are after you got the test data.

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I know the guys at PH very well and have done their sweat testing. Really interesting results and gave me a huge look at how much I should be drinking and the concentration of sodium. @Ryno and I were also discussing this the other day!!

I did the same sweat test with gus of Precision hydration in san diego, same test as coach pav did. It was certainly eye opening as to how much and how I sweat … definitely worth the money that I spent on the test (sorry, i dont recall how much it was).

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