Sports Psychology / Book Recommendations

Solid list there!!

Are aftershocks both ears or can yo turn one off? I like to inly ride with one ear in.

No - it’s both ears - but they’re bone conducting so you can hear all around you.

This is the only one I’ve not listened to. Heading straight into my audible library now though :slight_smile:

Listened/read the latest David Goggins book yet @Ewan?

No but just downloaded it

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No sports psychology, but still; Meditations by Marcus Aurelius gets me everytime. Ancient wisdom but still so applicable. Nothing has changed much.


actually 100% agreed on this. something really powerful about old school teachings

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Yep. Good shout there @Ultrathom

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Reading a great book at the moment called ‘fully processed people’.

It’s not just about what we eat - it’s also about how the industry is making the world sick and making those in poverty even poorer. It’s scary - and yet I can’t stop eating the crap!

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Very good book that. hope you enjoy it!