Reducing household chemicals to increase cycling performance

Originally posted to my website October 13 (sorry for the delay!):

This blog post discusses some of the simple ways in which you can improve your cycling performance by reducing chemicals used in your home.

While some are obvious, there are some which you may not have thought of!

Let me know what you think or if you think I’ve missed any…

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Very interesting!! Thanks Pav, definitely will consider some of these.

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This has become a bit if an obsession of mine lately - I started following the woman behind lowtoxpharmacist on instagram a few months ago and her back story resonated with me as I have numerous relatives that have had cancer due in large part to exposure to chemicals. In large part I worry about my kids future in terms of what they consume and out on their bodies. This is a massive topic. I have ordered some products from and am trying to move away from ‘store bought’ products and/or being more diligent about reading labels.