Rapha Festive 500

Who’s going to do the Rapha Festive 500 this year??

I’m considering trying to get it done in a day - anyone in Australia? They could aim to be first finisher!!


Yes!! I will be having a go - not in one ride, but will aim to get it done :slight_smile:


Me too. Not going for a one dayer, but I’d be happy with getting it done in the allotted time.


Aiming too as well!! Might see how quickly I can get it done, but one day is probably too much for me :wink:


I don’t think I will do it. 500km are a bit of a random goal. If I can go outside on the MTB during that time, I will do it but there is no chance that I will make it on the muddy, extremely hilly MTB trails. On the other side just muching miles in the Zwift desert is boring. I wish it was Festive 500 TSS


I will!! but not sure in how many days!!! i have limited time and mainly indoor :sweat_smile:


I’m in, presuming I can do it inside?


Not in one dya, but definitively in.


Anybody from the Denver, Colorado area who wants to join doing this outdoors ?


my plans to complete Rapha 500 as the following :

24-DEC i did 70K

From 25-29 DEC 60K per day

30 DEC 100K

31 DEC 40K

Most of the workout is indoor,

today i started to have saddle sore and legs and its just 2 days!

i don’t wan to give up! any tips please to avoid saddle sore and legs cramps?

I’m doing foam roller , a lot of water , good nutrition i believe.


Lots of chamois cream!! Leg cramps you should just keep drinking fluids with electrolytes - stretch and foam roll between rides. Hot baths too!!

Thanks! i never heard of hot baths! usually they recommend cold shower or ice bath!!!

A tad late … Put on cream before and after the ride. For the cramps use magnesium, 500mg to 1000mg, afterwards. Yes, you’ll visit the restroom a lot, but it beats waking up screaming in the middle of the night. Lastly, you might want to consider shaving those private body parts. At least I personally get a lot of rashes with indoor sessions if I don’t …

You raise a couple of interesting points. One watch out with magnesium is kidney function. If you have any history of elevated creatinine levels, then you should half the dose to 250-500mg.
There was quite a stir before the Rio olympics that British Cycling was recommending leaving those areas au naturel to reduce risk of saddle sores etc. Just what I read at the time and I have never tried either option consciously.

Did not pay too much attention to the discussion there, nor any well meaning scientific analysis. I do sweat a lot and that sweat gets trapped by hair. So any little skin irritation gets made a lot worse. Guess it might be a individual thing what works best. Thought it was worthy to mention. Helped me a lot, wouldn’t go back.

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Just posting to say a VERY WELL DONE to both @Spoow and @DrewyWhite on smashing out the R500 this week. Very close from @thecyclingjanner getting it done in a oner, but was thwarted by lingering sickness.

I think you are done too, @miffedoldpizza?

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Thanks @pav for the encouragement over the last few days. Glad it’s done …. A benchmark set and a goal to work towards for 2023’s Festive 500! :crazy_face::crazy_face:. Well done everyone else too

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Thank you @pav ! congrat @DrewyWhite , 2023 Rapha 500 goal todo it in 2 days hahahah

i saw on strava some people did 2000K!!! :exploding_head:

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Yup. Done. Properly with a virtual climb up Stelvio to get me over the finish line. @Spoow , I had picked out 2 routes to get it done in two days (almost), but 2 snow storms kind of killed that idea.

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Wow!! Well done everyone.

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