Overcoming sickness

I want to open a discussion about sickness. Mainly because I, like about 50% of my clients, have got sick this week.

I really like the neck check - symptoms above the neck you can train low intensity and stop if you feel worse. Symptoms below the neck, rest is best. Obviously text me if you are a client and stay in contact.

Of course, there’s the usual advice of eat healthy, hydrate well, rest and relax, sleep, and so on.

Anyone got anything else?

As just talked about, I think it got me, too. There is a lot going around at the moment and sometimes I get really frustrated about how little we seem to have learned from Covid. This week, we had the most stupid in-person kickoff meeting for a new project at work. 18 persons in a room just to say who you are and what your role is. Maybe I’m too much engineer but this is a totally unnecessary risk. Look at how Jumbo has won the TdF. They obviously had the strictest Covid protocol (mask after the finish for everyone, and not only on the chin) and it worked.
I have learned my lesson about infections a few years back. Started to train too early after a simple cold and cought an funghus infection in the throat on top of it. Really nasty and took a long time to recover from. Has anybody ever had a VCD? (Vocal cord dysfunction - Wikipedia) Really threatening experience. Stay of the bike and get healty, it’s not worth it. That’s my advice.

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I want to share one of my most favorite science based, peer reviewed sources of information on health who coincidentally just posted a piece about sickness and exercise. I an a huge fan of Dr Rhonda Patrick (PhD in biological science) and founder of www.foundmyfitness.com. She just posted on Instagram (#foundmyfitness) on sickness/exercise and while it doesn’t directly address Pav’s question I am pretty sure you might find some interesting information.

She is also a big fan of Sauna for longevity and and of course heat acclimation. I am getting off topic here but wonder if any others have consistently used sauna and obtained benefits - I am contemplating getting one.


Definitely looking at a sauna when/if I move. Let me know which one you go with please Steve :slight_smile: