New Year Resolutions?

I’m not one for “new year, new me”, but keen to see if anyone set any cycling (or sport) related resolutions?


Well I don’t really go with New Year Resolutions but I do think about and plan the year ahead. Perhaps look at events etc or things I’d like to do.

For example I ended up starting to run last year and it is going a lot better than I’d expected and I want to carry on. So I’ve thought it would be great to run a marathon this run whether just the distance or an event I’m not bothered as it is just a personal goal.

Also I like the idea of running 50k in my 50th year. So I have these as goals along with working on getting back to been table to cycle again. The marathon is a step on the way to running 50k. However they a loose in that while I will use these as training goals I will be very much listening to my body and if it says no I’m ok with that.It is a lot better for me mentally to be able to get out and run each week and get back to cycling than it is to injure myself trying to hit a goal.


Great question, @cyclingislife, and great answer from @kevstorr!!

I’m moving house this year, hopefully this quarter. Once that is done, I actually might get back on the bike… maybe :eyes:


I’m really going to get serious with my diet - lifestyle changes!