New gravel bike!

Hi all!

Looking at upgrading my gravel bike. Thought I’d ask for suggestions based on other peoples experience first. What should I be looking for?

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Number one for me is to get a good fitting bike!! I’m not much of a gravel rider, but I’m certain we have some in the group :wink:

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I’d recommend either a salsa warbird (if you want to ride fast gravel) or the salsa cutthroat (more bike packing, long journey beast). I have both of these bikes (sponsored!) however if I had to spend my money, it would be on these.

Tyre size is a big thing for me in a gravel bike. Here in the UK a 40mm gravel tyre just doesn’t cut it. Our trails are to rough and you just take a kicking all day. You want something that can take up to 47mm on a 700c/29er wheel. Even if you don’t run that larger tyre size, you always have the option of going bigger if needed. My cutthroat runs a 2.3”x 29er, basically a drop bar MTB bike, but with better geometry.

If your not racing and like bike packing the cutthroat is the way to go, but if you want a bike that’s fast and can do it all, go for a warbird. I use the warbird as a road bike with deep section hunt wheels and a 38mm tyre, which is super comfy for long rides and you don’t lose much in rolling resistance.

Again I am sponsored by these guys, but they are some of the best bikes out there. Salsa were the guys who invented (if you like) gravel bikes.

Hope that helps mate.



This is excellent advice, thank you, Steve!!

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Going to check these out, thanks mate!

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