JPL, mountain snow, taxes & violence

… so i got out last weekend between winter storms, lots of those lately…it was cold, sunny, beautiful…so nice to be outside, on the bike

here in socal (los angeles)…we are not accustomed to hibernating…HEY! we pay high prices here (high taxes and high gun/violence) for the privalage to have our traditionally awesome winter weather…but this season im feeling a bit cheated…not much sun, its wet and cold…but hey!!..i feeling totally fullfilled insofar as our high taxes and gobs of street violence goes! :laughing::crazy_face::confused:

almost faked my brain into thinking i was back in the dolomites with this one…key word…“almost”


BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for the post buddy :slight_smile:

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omg truly a great looking ride!

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That’s amazing that is LA, almost hard to believe! Beautiful though.


… yeah … its pretty beautiful!!!

those are the san gabriel mtns, about a 20min warm up ride to the climbs from my doorstep, 30 min drive from downtown LA.

its a pretty rare event that the snow level comes down that low, maybe once a season…looks dramatic though!

the roads get pretty crowded and nuts up there with idiots on sport bikes, boy racers in cars, club meets, commuters, ect…so the roads see a lot of use…but if you are lucky and time it right its great road biking and amazing mtb biking.