Indoor training

I’m wondering if i can download GPX file for certain climbs for example rocacorba climb in Girona , and use it for indoor trainer?

And does practice indoor give you an idea about the climb you go?

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Ok, I really hate to sound like a sales person.

Try out Rouvy. They use videos along with gradient maps. The newer rides had been done using a 360 camera, so you literally can turn your head. If I compare rides I had done in real life, outdoors, and the virtual ones, the power requirement (and the elapsed time) was spot on.

Looks like they don’t have “rocacorba” though, but plenty of the other well known ones.

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Thank you very much @miffedoldpizza

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Hi @Spoow climbing virtually can be great preparation for climbing the same climb irl. I have climbed Alpe de Zwift approaching 100 times and Alpe d’Huez 3 times. Knowing what you are facing and that you can do it really makes irl less daunting.

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Thank you! i will try it this week :slight_smile:

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Agree with both @miffedoldpizza and @Kicikacsa on this :slight_smile:

As @miffedoldpizza said, Rouvy is really good if you want to have a really good out-of-the box virtual ride of real routes.
A GPX alone is not enough since it only contains position data and no elevation. I noticed that the app that came with my Elite trainer can take a GPX and grab elevation data and Street View images and create a route from that. Elite
I never tried it but I can try it out with Rocacorba.

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Didn’t RGTCycling used to have a magic road or something like that? You could upload a GPX file and it would simulate it virtually.

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i tried today! it wasn’t hard as i expected ! is it different in real ? i mean Alpe d’Huez?


That depends. Did you have your trainer difficulty set at 100%? If you did, then awesome! If not then try again. I have found it pretty representative. Of course you can’t mimic the total exposure to blazing sunshine on a rocky mountainside but otherwise………


Agree with @Kicikacsa on this - check trainer settings as it isn’t an easy climb :slight_smile:

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Depends if you had ‘erg’ on when doing it on the turbo :joy::joy: