How to go fast - nerd alert podcast

The latest nerd alert podcast has Dan Bigham explaining various aspects of Ganna’s hour record attempt. There are so many nuggets in there. A couple of interesting ones are: “train to go fast not only to hit a certain power number”; his improving performance has come from improving his position on the bike and then training in that position to get his watts back; and that most of us are too lazy to work on aero because it requires us to think. Hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think.


Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll try to check that one out. I do like that “nugget” you mentioned about training for aero. My strongest event is probably the 24 hour time trial, so every year for the last few years, I’ve had to spend months doing long flat miles to build the endurance in both my legs and to stay aero as much as possible. I guess one of the things Ganna has access to that most of us mortals don’t is the bike fitters and aero testing to constantly adjust the position. I’m lucky if I can visit a good bike fitter once a year. The one I’ve been using is a six hour drive from me, so it requires taking at least a couple of days off work to get to him. And I’ve never done any aero testing.


Awesome!! Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: