Hit and run incident

I have a friend who was unfortunately involved in a hit and run incident. He is ok with minor injuries, but bike is a write off and he will be unable to claim unless they catch they driver.

This has me considering cameras to use protect against this. Looking for advice or recommendations please?


Oh no. That is not good. Glad they are ok.

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Oof. Not good. One of my biggest fears, so will actually follow this thread and hope someone has some good advice too.

Not ok. Sorry to hear this. Not sure what would be best though. GoPro?

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I would consider the Garmin Varia RCT715. A radar plus camera.

The radar by now is for me something I simply will not go onto open roads without anymore. The stereotypical pickup truck with a “don’t tread on me” zipping by me with a few inches room to spare is something I’d rather be aware ahead of time.

So the added camera seems to be a good idea.


Couple of good suggestions here. Not to knock them (& I guess they might be best solution to this anyway), but GoPro used to be a pain to setup each time. I have the last gen version and never used it, so might give this a go soon. That said, the older models you used to have to plug in, download, and delete every ride - that still the case or will it automatically write over old video? Also battery time, my old one used to die in like an hour!!

Re Garmin Varia. I looked at this recently, but only really works with Garmin unit, not Wahoo, right?

Anyway, I’ve proper taken over this thread :joy: - sorry @Billyboy