Had a little get down :(

Hi all

Looking for some advice please. I had a little off Saturday. It was during a club ride and happened when two guys in front overlapped wheels and took most of the group down. Honestly, they were behaving in a manner not fit for group riding.

My issue is that, while I’m not seriously hurt, I need a week off work plus a replacement front wheel (not to mention that my carbon frame probably needs an x-ray). None of the guys who caused this have any insurance, although they should be with BC as part of our club.

Should I seek legal advice or just let it go as a lesson learnt?



Sorry to hear about your accident. We had a similar accident a month back one rider pulled off the front but the rider behind was overlapping the rear wheel and caused the crash. I as it happened luckily wasn’t riding as I rode the previous day.

Check with your Club captain. My understanding is if the club is affiliated to BC then there is some insurance cover for official club rides .However I believe that it is just third party liability cover and doesn’t cover members having an accident. It then depends I you are also a member of BC what your level is.


Agree with Kevin on this. Sorry to hear this, but check with your club and BC first.

Over here in the US certain auto insurance policies actually cover this sort of thing too - I guess that’s not applicable in the UK though.

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Thank you both for the advice - feeling better about it all already!