Gel recommendations

Ok, a tricky thing. Are there gels with a lower sugar content (maltodextrin is no sugar, right), but high salt / magnesium / potassium content. Looking for something to balance off with the regular fluid intake.

Great question!! I would look at Precision Hydration and see if that suits your need :slight_smile:

My understanding is that you will always have to have sugar (in some form) in gels, not sure if there is any other way of doing that - you can get gels that have higher electrolyte levels though - hope this helps!

SIS Isotonic use Maltodextrin so for 22g of carbs only 0.6g is from sugars.

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What’s the rest from then?

Good question. The point might be that maltodextrin is classed as a carb, but not a sugar, it’s a sugar replacement.

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