ERG mode - how to turn off

I have a Elite Novo Smart turbo. I think it is the bottom of the range and a bit further on. It was bought second hand with no instructions. I’d love an adult type turbo but am restraining that urge out of respect for my wife.

I would be grateful if anyone could guide me to turning off ERG mode when doing sprint sessions on the turbo. Having looked on many discussions I haven’t found any guidance or instruction booklets.

Perhaps, because it is bottom, bottom, of the range it isn’t possible to turn off.


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Hello Mike,
the ERG mode is enabled or disabled in the app you use for your training like for example Zwift. For Zwift, there should be a „ERG“ item in your settings menu at the bottom of the screen. If you turn that off, you are in a constant resistance mode which means that you get resistance even if the road goes downhill. If the resistance is too high or too low, you can adjust with the bike‘s gears or with the second set of up/down arrows in the menu.
My strategy with sprint sessions is to be in ERG mode in between the sprints. About 30s before the sprint, I start my preparation. I switch to the big ring and about 15s before the sprint I turn ERG off and almost come to a stop before the sprint.


Thanks Christian, that is really helpful and has narrowed it down for me. I use a Garmin for turbo sessions so will look into whether ERG can be turned off. Also useful to hear how you time it with the sprints. Many thanks. Mike

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