CoachPv branded Skin Suit Order - gauging interest from the Community

Hi all !

I am doing a few races this year - ultra time trials essentially -where I would like to use a skin suit. Pav has kindly agreed to allowing the existing CoachPav regular cycling shirt design to be incorporated into the design of the skin suit, with Pav giving final sign-off to all designs of course (given it’s his brand).

I have reached out to NoPinz ( who make small batch custom design skin suits and the process seems relatively straightforward (famous last words !):

  1. Select the skin suit you prefer from their website
  2. Agree artwork
  3. Place order !!

I am interested in two suits, Pav has also indicated interest and the purpose of this post is to gauge if there is broader interest from the Community. Please respond to this post if you have interest and if so, what type of skin suit (please refer to the nopinz website) and how many.

Again, Pav will have final say on the design, but an initial idea is to extend the grey in the existing shirt to be the main solid color on the ‘shorts part’ of the skin suit, perhaps with ‘CoachPav’ on the side of each thigh.

Obviously keeping things as homogenous as possible - i.e. one design, one suit type, will keep the cost down (to be determined, but you can see indicative prices on their website).

Thanks all.

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Steve, I am in for a skinsuit. Not sure if a flow or a pro-1.

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Thank you kindly ! Will give everyone some time to respond before locking down the numbers but before I submit anything I will check in with everyone to make sure expectations are met.


I think we are up to 7 on my post to Instagram. I am down for whatever we all choose and I think Nopinz should still have my 3d scan on file to produce mine.

Let’s keep this open a while longer though.

Thanks for posting this @WattsUp :slight_smile:

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8 from my Instagram post, including you and I, Steve. 9 with Julian.

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Great stuff. Suggest we leave open til this weekend the. i will start collating kndividual data, get pricing, process, payment timeframes info etc.

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