Best gravel events!

Huge fan of gravel riding. I have ticked off BWR and well as some local ones this year. Keen to get suggestions on the best gravel events or rides?

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Well done on that, challenging event!! Dirty Kanza?

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The frontier 300 was a great ride this year. I’m a fan of riding stuff outside of events, here in the UK stuff like the second city divide, and badger divide were brilliant.
I’m currently looking at the old chalk way too.


Those sound amazing, Steve!! Thanks so much :slight_smile:


Frontier 300 is definitely something I’d be keen to do in the future!


I am a Brit here in the US and did the Garmin Gravel Worlds Long Voyage event in Lincoln Nebraska in August and it was fantastic - small, great course, 95% gravel, 15k feet of climbing, super atmosphere and organisation. I would do it again for sure. There ate shorter routes too, and for the duathletes out there a 50k run all on gravel the day before.

The weekend before in Colorado I did the Steamboat Gravel Black Course (150 miles) which was amazing - maybe 75-80% gravel but scenery and landscape to die for. Would also do it again !!



I would love to do Steamboat!! Pics look fantastic!!