Best climb in the world!

Possibly opening a can of worms, but what’s the best (or perhaps your favourite) climb in the world?

Mine would be Giau in the Dolomites

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This is where I’ve no idea having never had the opportunity to ride any of the big classic climbs.

Limited to Riding in the Peak District and I can’t say any are particularly rememberable or favourites. I do always enjoy the climb from Ilam up to Thorpe with Thorpe Cloud on your left.

Gavia from Bormio, no contest there.

Then again, there is also my local trainings hill … Mt Evans. 2000m or so to climb. On a crisp spring day, the view is just insane … 4300m … and you can see the curvature of the earth.

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@foreverridingbikes what a hornets nest you’ve kicked! I have ridden a bit in Europe. I love the Col d’Aubisque from Laruns. The Galibier is pretty special. Stelvio is fun. This is a bit like asking what is someone’s favourite food is. Fun to see suggestions though.

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Ha! Agree with @Kicikacsa here - can of worms :wink:

I actually love the Dolomites so agree with you on that. Falzarego is a stunning and challenging climb.

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Gibraltar Road in Santa Barbara :heart:


Is that where you did your 7 summits?

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No, I did that on a local hill here called Pacific Island Drive (PID). I’d have preferred Gib Rd, but it’s a long drive and probably a bit too busy and tough in places for 7 days.


Favourite climb I’ve done - probably Gospel Pass
Favourite climb in the world I’d like to do -

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Where is Gospel Pass Ewan?

There’s a fantastic little bike shop called drover’s cycles at the bottom - they have a little coffee shack too which is ace.

They did run an Everesting event there a couple times - couldn’t fault them - plenty of food snacks and support.

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Agree with you on this Ewan. Epic climb.

One I recently discovered as well - zigzag hill on the Wiltshire border. Not steep but fun to climb - because of the hairpins feels like something you watch at the big tours and it opens out to some of the most spectacular views!

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Some of these climb names are GOLD

yes… Giau is magnificent…was heading to it this time last year…here we are thru biking to cortina

then there always is…the stelvio…or shown here as “Stelvio²” (i messed up and did it twice) :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:

or any passo from the sella ronda!

… ok…any passo in italy!

:rofl: Twice up the Slevio is a big effort - kudos

believe me…i didnt plan it that way…sometimes shit just happens and you gotta get out of it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

I need to start adding to my bucket list :wink:

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