Arm / leg warmers

Looking for recommendations on arm / leg (could be knee) warmers please? Something that will be usable for spring and fit in a jersey pocket easily for early morning summer rides, where you want to take them off once it warms up!


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My go to are Sportful No Rain. I have just been given some castelli ones which are beautifully made but quite a lot thinner.

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Using the ones from Gore, mainly because they use “GORE-TEX INFINUM” and “WINDSTOPPER” technology. Always found that part better than the competing Polartec.

Leg warms, I have never found a use case for them. Always ill fitting, slipping, pressure at the wrong places. So either it’s cold enough to have full tights (lightweight ones), or you get away with wih thermal shorts (merino ones). Do have to admit though that for a long time I had been using knickers for the days inbetween, but it looks like those are falling out of fashion and it becomes more tricky to find a well fitting ones. Or perhaps they had become pointless with increasing sock height …

Now I do live in Colorado. Arm warmers are needed for climbing, where it’s cold (and shady) in the morning, but gets decently warm during the day, except for the longer descents. So really a focus on keeping your upper body warm, and have enough breathablility to not overheat.

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This is really good info, thank you. Feeling like we might have a terminology or regional difference in what ‘knickers’ are though - what are they to you? :slight_smile:

I tend not to use knee or leg warmers for me its tights below 10C unless the weather forecast has it warming up a lot.

I also these days don’t go much for arm warmers as I tend to mainly ride in my thin long sleeve jersey. I might add a windproof for some extra protection early on and then remove it or a gilet. In the main I’ve never found the temp shift big enough for me to need wish I’d gone with sleeves.

What I have found with arm warmers is you really need to try them on for fit and then swing move your arms around a lot as I see and have found they will often slip down while riding. different manufactures seem to suite different people. My options have been Sportful norain, Castelli and Gore. I also have some cheap merino wool ones which tend to be the ones I do pick up if I feel the need.

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@JustInTime ‘Knickers’ … thought this was the UK term :wink: 4/3s … bib shorts with builtin knee warmers … They do solve the problem of inbetween temperatures. So when it gets warmer during the ride you still have enough exposed skin to keep you reasonably cool.

Temperature shift mentioned by @kevstorr … I have started rides this winter at 20F (-7C) and ended them at 65F (18C). My favourite climb often starts at 45F (7C), goes to 75F (23C) mid mountain and then drops again to 35F (2C) at the top. So the idea of a long sleve jersey does not work that well.

Having said all of this, I actually got now some lighter long sleve jerseys for shorter rides to not having to mess with arm warmers … but again, shorter rides where you don’t have to plan for extremes.

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This is great - thank you all.

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Well we would call the underwear women wear knickers, but I get what you mean there - thank you!


ive used gore windstopper for years…nice stuff, works ok, still got some of it hanging around.

last few year, i switched to Assos…love it…performs well, lighter, higher quality construction/fabrics in my opinion

this post is a self-sponsored, non-influencer, no kickback submission from an aging, greyed out, 59yr old man/boy … your mileage my very. :slight_smile:


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