Alternatives to TrainingPeaks

Long time user and fan of TrainingPeaks, but am curious as to whether everyone else is using that?

I’m gathering that @pav uses it, so I presume the majority here will be too, but does anyone use something else?


I had a trial of Today’s Plan and really wasn’t impressed by it - too much new to learn!


I have tested a few apps like Pillar, nothing really feels like an “alternative” to TP though, yet!


I use TrainingPeaks and do pay for it. However not actively training much so don’t need a coaches access or really the tools I’m paying for. So been thinking about other options as well.

One I have looked at previously is very much like TrainPeaks and is donation wear.


Thanks @kevstorr, good shout on that - I will check it out.


The only thing that really annoys me about training peaks is this

You are doing intervals 50on20off or whatever - why can’t you select only the on laps and get your average for those sections.

Now don’t get me wrong - I ain’t Roglic and my numbers are not likely to get me on the Pro circuit but I do like to know where I am - and having to manually add these up and then divide by the number of intervals is a total PITA :woman_shrugging:

Maybe that number is important to everyone but it is to me

TBF I need to spend more time with TrainingPeaks to understand how to use it more.

Really at the moment for me it is just understanding my fitness and fatigue better.

Has anyone tried anything more AI yet?