After Everesting!

Hello and thank you for having me in this forum!

I recently completed another Everest challenge and I’m looking for what to do next. I love the self-supported challenges that really push me. I saw Pav had done Seven Summits, but that seems nuts!! Maybe people have suggestions based on what they’ve done or their goals?


Hello and thank you for being with us!! Congrats on the Everesting, not easy to do!!

Looking forward to both seeing what other people suggest here.


Following! Keen to see what others have done!


Go for the DOUBLE! I’ve also considered biking across a few states or participating in RAW/RAAM.


Yes!! Everest Roam or whatever the other version is called too!!


As a serial everester in the past -

  • The roam is a cool challenge but pretty impractical in the Uk - our hills are just too steep and to get 400km with 8848m climbing is tough - you need those lovely gradual climbs that the mainland offers I think -
    If anyone has done a roam in the Uk I’d love to see your route!

and should have said - congrats. Hope you submitted to hells 500!


What is Hells 500???

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Doing anymore Everesting Ewan?

Hells 500 is the community of people who actually invented Everesting. They are the keepers of Everesting records. You can submit your ride to them for accreditation and get your name on the Everesting wall of fame.
They have a really helpful FB group too

As for me - there’s one Everesting that’s got away from me - attempted twice but unsuccessful both times. - the Tumble - I’ve 10k’d the side from the pit but fell four reps short of the other side with the hairpin.

I might do that.

Got a dragon to slay first. :dragon:


What stopped you with four reps to go? Hope you don’t mind me asking

I just didn’t have anymore in me. There’s a particularly steep section just after the cattle grid - about 400mtrs at 14% - my legs just didn’t have it - a slightly bigger gear and I’d probably made it!

As they say in Everesting hell - go again!

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Ouch. Well done getting that much done though. Beating most people.

Still a great effort mate :slight_smile:

Pacific Island Drive was a bit like that. My knees started giving out. Issue is finding the right hill though. I’ve been looking for something around here and it’s not steep enough. Might have to spend a week down south if I do Seven Summits again…